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Make Your Mark

Passionate people, like you, want to be challenged. We nurture that ambition and help build the career that’s yours. What moves you, moves us all. When you have fulfilled your goals, you will have made a mark on a tradition-rich industry, provided a world-class product, and enriched a community. IMA/Advanced Assembly offers you the chance to use your talent with the ground firmly beneath you and room always in front of you to build your career.

Mission Statement

Servicing our community, our customers and our employees by providing world-class seat assemblies.

Working Together

We believe our culture offers the chance to build meaningful careers and work alongside the best kind of people. We take pride in who we are as a collection but also in who everyone is individually. Together we work to further our reputation of industry-leading quality.

Engineering Opportunity

There are those that have their heart set on changing the way things are made. In our industry we have great respect for those that see ways to make things better, to improve the experience of the customer. At IMA/Advanced Assembly the opportunity is yours to be a part of team that is constantly measuring performance and strives for perfection.

An Assembly of Pride

There is an opportunity to make a mark on a tradition-rich industry here. This relatively young company injects a new energy into a traditional model. At IMA/Advanced Assembly you are provided training and the opportunity to do meaningful work with great people, in collaboration with the biggest names in the industry.